Coming November 29th: MASSIVE God of Blades content update!

Hello White Whale friends!

We’re excited to announce we just submitted God of Blades’ newest update! And it’s a big one…

This update was a very ambitious undertaking for our team- we’ve developed a new type of asynchronous multiplayer mode called Revenant. Players can now create, customize, and level-up their characters in Revenant, and use Game Center to challenge their friends. When attempting a challenge, players will face their challenger’s character in a showdown just before they can successfully beat their score (and players can fight several of their friends in one run).

Additionally, we will have two new breathtaking environments- one of course is the Star-Striders Field (i.e. the jellyfish Jason wrote about a couple weeks ago), and the other is the blazing caverns of the Cave of Memory (this one will be available through Loreseeker- and yes, that is a dragon in the background!). Arcrim, Starwind, and the Tower will now be available to unlock using Loreseeker, or through regular sword points, giving everyone the opportunity to play with these powerful blades.

All of the content in this update is absolutely free to all God of Blades players!
Release date is November 29th! 
Thanks friends for all the tremendous support you’ve given God of Blades. Words can’t express how appreciative we are of our fans- we’re so excited for you get a hold of this new update!

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