Celebrate Pocket Tactics’ Action Game of the Year! Wallpapers and Slayers!

We’re pleased to announced that we were selected as Pocket Tactics’ Action Game of the Year! It’s an honor to even be considered, and we’re ridiculously grateful for all our awesome, enthusiastic fans. Thanks so much!

To celebrate, we’re sharing another wallpaper with you guys! This time, it’s the blazing caverns of the Cave of Memory, featuring my favorite four eyed dragon statue.

Also, as another way to celebrate, if you haven’t gotten our free game Slayers on Venus Patrol, consider downloading for PC or Mac! And tell us what you think!

Right click, Save as to download at               1920 x 1200! 



Thanks all, get ready for lots of exciting stuff coming from White Whale in 2013!

Studio Director @ White Whale

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