Happy Holidays from White Whale!


Hope everyone has had a fantastic holiday season! 2012 has been a phenomenal year- from releasing our first O.R.C.A. project (Psychic Frog), to presenting at Fantastic Arcade, to releasing Slayers on Venus Patrol, and of course, releasing God of Blades in the App Store. Needless to say, it’s been a whirlwind of a year for our small team, and it’s a year that simply couldn’t have been possible without the support of our friends and fans (seriously. Your support truly propels us to continue working on beautiful stuff!)

As another token of our appreciation, Jason’s made another awesome wallpaper, this time featuring the Slayers environment. Speaking of Slayers, did you get the chance to check it out yet for PC/Mac? The local two-player (or one-player v. AI) game is still available for FREE on Venus Patrol!

Right click & Save as to download at 1920 x 1200!

Right click & Save as to download at 1920 x 1200!

All previous wallpapers can now be found in our Gallery!

Thanks all, and get ready for great things in 2013- the Android release of God of Blades, along with the PC/Mac release, and some other exciting (currently top secret!) things are on the way…



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