God of Blades eBook, Hand of the Sable King, releasing tomorrow!

Hi all,

Big, possibly unexpected news- and yes, today is April Fools’ Day, but I promise, this is a legitimate announcement ;) !

God of Blades is a game framed around a pseudo-book series with a dense mythology. We’ve received a number of questions over the past year asking where people can find these books, even though they haven’t exactly existed. Well, we’re excited to announce that those books are actually becoming a reality. For over the past year, we’ve secretly teamed up with creative firm Django Media to develop the first volume in a trilogy of eBooks tied to the mythology of God of Blades, and now it’s being released!

The first enhanced eBook, God of Blades: Hand of the Sable King, features behind-the-scenes videos on the making of the game. The eBook is penned by acclaimed author Greg Moller, and begins to fill in the shrouded past of The Nameless King, God of Blades’ mysterious anti-hero.

The Song of the Nameless King trilogy introduces us to the warrior king in his youth — when he indeed had a name — and his band of noble brethren, the Knights of the Bright Hundred. In this first volume, four noble warriors lead the charge against the destruction of an empire. Amidst the clash of sword and battleaxe, the deadly whisper of arrows and the horrors of dark sorcery, the Bright Hundred wages a desperate war for the salvation of civilization.

God of Blades: Hand of the Sable King will be available on iTunes on April 2nd for the initial price of $2.99. To celebrate, God of Blades will have an update in the App Store with a brand new blade to unlock, Hallow.

When we first began God of Blades, we never anticipated that someone would be eager to write a novel based on the mythology, but over this past year we’ve put a lot of careful thought and work into this project- we’re very excited to hear from our fans about this first book!


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